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Drzewo Rodziny Wakarecy | Wakarecy Family Tree
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Earliest birth yearGeorgius Wakarecy ‎(I12)‎
Birth 1717
Death 18 January 1805 ‎(Age 88)‎ Age: 87 Byszewo
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearVictoria Catharina Wakarecy ‎(I18)‎
Birth 7 March 1790 33 30 Koronowo
Death 17 July 1790 ‎(Age 4 months)‎ Koronowo
Latest death year Marek Andrzej Wakarecy ‎(I191)‎
Birth 29 March 1951 25 25 Toruń
Death 7 November 2011 ‎(Age 60)‎ Toruń
Person who lived the longest
Andrzej Baliński ‎(I296)‎
Birth 1 October 1825 Gębice
Death 12 January 1918 ‎(Age 92)‎ Strzelno
Average age at death
Males: 41   Females: 56
Family with the most children
Juliusz Wakarecy + Agata Stankiewicz ‎(F5)‎
Marriage 1861 Koronowo
Average number of children per family
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Drzewo Rodziny Wakarecy | Wakarecy Family Tree

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Wakarecy, Hugo Norman Hugo Norman21 February 1895123Death 
Wakarecy, Mathias Mathias21 February 1787231Birth 

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Pankanin, Petrus
Wakarecy, Justina
Petrus23 February 1870148Marriage 
Sawlewicz, Stefania Stefania23 February 197444Death 
Wakarecy, Mateusz Franciszek Mateusz Franciszek23 February 1901117Death 
Wakarecy, Mathias Alexander Mathias Alexander23 February 1824194Birth 
Schmelter, Josephus Josephus24 February 1844174Death 
Wakarecy, Felix Antonius
Paczkowska, Victoria
Felix Antonius25 February 1816202Marriage 
Wakarecy, Aleksander Aleksander26 February 1851167Birth 
Wakarecy, Jan Aleksander Jan Aleksander26 February 1882136Baptism 
Caeecia, Anna Marianna Anna Marianna28 February 1769249Birth 
Wakarecy, Hugo Norman Hugo Norman28 February 1880138Birth 
Mosiński, Josephus Josephus4 March 1861157Birth 
Wakarecy, Jadwiga Anna Antonina Jadwiga Anna Antonina5 March 194375Death 
Wakarecy, Karol Otto Karol Otto5 March 1846172Baptism 
Wolff, Wilhemina Wilhemina5 March 1891127Death 
Sawlewicz, Władysław Władysław6 March 1901117Death 
Wakarecy, Ewa Rosalia Ewa Rosalia6 March 1843175Death 
Rutkowska, Stanisława Stanisława7 March 192692Birth 
Wakarecy, Victoria Catharina Victoria Catharina7 March 1790228Birth 
Wakarecy, Georg Georg9 March 1839179Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Franciszka Franciszka10 March 1827191Birth 
Ringk, Anna Anna10 March 195860Death 
Wakarecy, Josephus Benedictus Josephus Benedictus10 March 1810208Birth 
Wakarecy, Anton Carl Anton Carl11 March 1849169Death 
Wakarecy, Franz Vendelin Franz Vendelin11 March 1858160Birth 
Wirpsz, Grzegorz Grzegorz12 March 1893125Birth 
Wakarecy, Elżbieta Elżbieta13 March 1909109Birth 
Wakarecy, Leo Franciscus Antonius Leo Franciscus Antonius13 March 1862156Birth 
Wakarecy, Jan Jan15 March 1881137Birth 
Wakarecy, Julianna ‎(Johanna)‎ Julianna (Johanna)15 March 1854164Birth 
Wakarecy, Wacław Wacław15 March 194078Death 
Baliński, Józef Józef16 March 1855163Birth 
Wakarecy, Marianna Marianna17 March 1844174Birth 
Wakarecy, Justina Justina18 March 1849169Birth 
Wakarecy, Elżbieta Elżbieta19 March 193385Death 
Wakarecy, Józef Teodor Józef Teodor20 March 1874144Birth 
Wakarecy, Maria Maria22 March 1871147Birth 

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