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Drzewo Rodziny Wakarecy | Wakarecy Family Tree
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Earliest birth yearGeorgius Wakarecy ‎(I12)‎
Birth 1717
Death 18 January 1805 ‎(Age 88)‎ Age: 87 Byszewo
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearVictoria Catharina Wakarecy ‎(I18)‎
Birth 7 March 1790 33 30 Koronowo
Death 17 July 1790 ‎(Age 4 months)‎ Koronowo
Latest death year Marek Andrzej Wakarecy ‎(I191)‎
Birth 29 March 1951 25 25 Toruń
Death 7 November 2011 ‎(Age 60)‎ Toruń
Person who lived the longest
Andrzej Baliński ‎(I296)‎
Birth 1 October 1825 Gębice
Death 12 January 1918 ‎(Age 92)‎ Strzelno
Average age at death
Males: 41   Females: 56
Family with the most children
Juliusz Wakarecy + Agata Stankiewicz ‎(F5)‎
Marriage 1861 Koronowo
Average number of children per family
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Drzewo Rodziny Wakarecy | Wakarecy Family Tree

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Czempisz, Bronisława Bronisława22 October 1872145Birth 
Frydrychowicz, Joannes
Smelter, Magdalena
Joannes22 October 1821196Marriage 
Wakarecy, Gertruda Gertruda25 October 1886131Birth 
Wakarecy, Juliusz Juliusz25 October 1833184Birth 
Frydrychowicz, Joannes Joannes27 October 1789228Birth 
Pankowska, Jadwiga Jadwiga29 October 192196Death 
Wakarecy, Jan Jan30 October 194869Death 
Wakarecy, Ignatius Ignatius1 November 1855162Birth 
Wakarecy, Anton Carl Anton Carl2 November 1847170Birth 
Puppel, Teodor Karol Teodor Karol4 November 1875142Birth 
Wakarecy, Charlotte Charlotte4 November 1901116Birth 
Wakarecy, Carolus Martinus Carolus Martinus5 November 1797220Birth 
Wakarecy, Felix Antonius Felix Antonius7 November 1858159Death 
Wakarecy, Gertruda Gertruda7 November 1886131Baptism 
Wakarecy, Józef Józef7 November 1869148Birth 
Wakarecy, Marek Andrzej Marek Andrzej7 November 20116Death 
Wirpsz, Grzegorz Grzegorz7 November 197740Death 
Wakarecy, Mathias Mathias8 November 1828189Death 
Wakarecy, Michael
Kulwicz, Regina
Michael8 November 1785232Marriage Licence 
Wakarecy, Georg F.J. Georg F.J.9 November 1897120Birth 
Wakarecy, Marta Marta11 November 1877140Birth 
Wakarecy, Konstanty Juliusz Konstanty Juliusz12 November 1883134Birth 
Rutkowska, Stanisława Stanisława13 November 199621Death 
Wakarecy, Stanisław Gabriel Stanisław Gabriel14 November 1879138Birth 
Kolasińska, Marianna Marianna15 November 1849168Birth 
Sawlewicz, Władysław Władysław16 November 1900117Birth 
Wakarecy, Charlotte Charlotte18 November 198532Death 
Głowacki, Tadeusz Tadeusz19 November 198433Death 
Wakarecy, Anna Anna19 November 1848169Birth 
Wakarecy, Felix Antonius
Frydrychowicz, Marianna
Felix Antonius19 November 1838179Marriage 
Sawlewicz, Bronisław Bronisław20 November 1898119Birth 
Wakarecy, Kazimierz Kazimierz20 November 1871146Death 

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